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October 1, 2008

Homeschooling Teen Magazine needs submissions from YOU. Just a few things we are looking for:

  • Participation in Community Events
  • Volunteer Activities
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Hobbies & Pastimes
  • Work Experience
  • Career Plans
  • Teen Entrepreneurs
  • Homeschooling Teen Profiles
  • Homeschool Friendly Colleges
  • Recipes (original)
  • Short Fiction (original, up to 3000 words)
  • Non-Fiction Articles
  • Essays
  • Reports
  • Poems (original)
  • Book Reviews
  • Movie Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Favorite Websites
  • Cartoons (original)
  • Bright Ideas
  • Anything of interest to teen homeschoolers

Please send submissions along with your name and age to:




  1. Hello.I would love to receive your magazine but it will be really nice if your magazine could be sent by e-mail.-Millie

  2. YES, the magazine is sent by e-mail. Just go to https://homeschoolingteen.wordpress.com/ and click on the button that says “click here to subscribe.” You will receive each monthly issue delivered right to your inbox.

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