September 5, 2010

CollegePlus! is an alternative approach to earning recognized undergraduate credentials. It’s actually a Christian coaching program that helps students earn their bachelor’s degrees faster, for less, and for sure through CLEP exams, online courses, and onsite classes from local colleges and universities. Depending on their major, students may use all three or just one of these.

There are two degree tracks open to CollegePlus! students, depending on their degree plan. Most students take the maximum amount of CLEP and other exams possible, and then enroll in a distance learning college. This degree track typically saves students $25,000 or more on their degree costs! Other students complete a limited number of CLEP exams before enrolling in a traditional classroom environment at the college of their choice. These students save an average of $7,000 by enrolling with CollegePlus!

CollegePlus! students usually decide to graduate with broad degrees since statistics show that 80% of college grads work in a field unrelated to their college major. Students graduating through a distance learning college such as Thomas Edison State College can choose from over 20 different majors. (Starred majors indicate the ten most popular.)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) major fields include: Anthropology, Biology, Communications*, Computer Science*, Criminal Justice, Economics, English*, History*, Humanities*, Journalism, Liberal Studies, Music*, Natural Science/Math, Political Science, Psychology*, Social Science.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) specialties include: Accounting*, Computer Information Systems*, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General Management*, Human Resources/Organizational Management, International Business, and Marketing.

Other specialty majors include Engineering and Pre-Med.

To help students who are unsure about their major, CollegePlus! recommends Life Purpose Planning, a series of assignments that help identify a student’s passion in life and how to pursue that life calling. Completing Life Purpose Planning and choosing a broad degree are ideal for younger high school students who want to do college in high school but aren’t sure what to major in. They can eventually complete graduate school in the field of their choice since just about any undergraduate major is eligible for any master’s level program.

Every CollegePlus! student is guided by a degree coach that walks them through their entire degree process. This coach is knowledgeable in study skills, CLEP exams, and navigating the distance learning college the student will graduate from.

Michael Back, Director of the Christian Home Educators of Ohio, says “We home educators are always thinking outside the box. CollegePlus! is certainly outside the box! A college degree in half the time, at a fraction of the cost with real life and work experience and parental involvement. CollegePlus! is the way to go.” For more information about College Plus!, visit: http://collegeplus.org

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