Become a Teen Reporter

Do you love to write, or have a passion for journalism?

You can become a Homeschooling Teen Reporter/Columnist!

Homeschooling Teen Magazine provides a unique and valuable opportunity to gain real world experience writing for an online publication. Your work will be seen by thousands of readers every month in several different countries. If this is something that interests you, feel free to apply at any time. Although not a paid position, it will look great on a college application or resume!

Please submit a sample article to: mail@homeschoolingteen.com

Include the following information:

1. Your name and age.

2. How many years you’ve been homeschooled.

3. Info on any previous writing or journalism experience (family newsletters, homeschool yearbook, journalism or creative writing classes, web blog, etc.). NOTE: Although prior experience is helpful, it is NOT absolutely necessary.

4. The reason why you want to take on the challenge of a monthly column, and what you will contribute.

5. Topics you wish to write about (homeschool happenings, homeschool humor, pop culture, movie reviews, current events, technology, travel, nature, history, etc.).

E-mail your answers to the above questions along with your writing sample to: mail@homeschoolingteen.com


P.S. Once you are accepted for a position, we will need a brief bio (to be used as your byline) which may include hobbies, interests, school activities, post-high school plans, career aspirations, etc.



  1. When the day is long and the earth is still what do you here nothing to keep. When the water is soft and the air is so clean what do you smell nothing not anything. When the house is calm and the family is sweet what do you here happiness fills the air.

  2. I hope it’s ok, but I put a plug in for teen reporters in my Homeschool-Entrepreneur newsletter! What a great idea!

  3. Hi im willasia

  4. […] Do you enjoy writing? We welcome content from readers and we’re always seeking submissions, so feel free to send in yours at any time! (See the above list for ideas.) Please e-mail your submission along with your name and age. Have a passion for journalism? You can become a Homeschooling Teen reporter or columnist! Contact us if you are interested in joining our teen writing staff. […]

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